Bali is a city with a pulsating, ever-evolving rhythm. It is the home of historic culture that is imbued with the fast pace of a growing city full of life, smell and creativity. It’s no wonder that so many artists come to Bali to be inspired, and often never leave. This is true of Sharon and Kanoko, who both came to Bali from Java and Japan respectively. In Sharon’s words, “I moved to explore, to progress, to achieve something, and to settle down. Bali allows me to make a change in routine, take new chances, and make new friends”. Friends like Kanoko, who she describes as “very open, flexible, communicative, and optimistic. She always wants to put her all into the projects she works on”. They are neighbours, close friends and have a close working relationship too.

An interview project about the creative processes between Sharon and Kanoko as a friend.
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Photography by Sharon Angelina
Creative Direction by Kanoko Takaya