ASMR at D Gallery

Artist by Kanoko Takaya. Heewon Oh. Fiametta Gabrielamore

Curator by Chabib Duta Hapsoro

D Gallerie Jakarta, Indonesia.
10 September – 21 October 2020

Artworks by three women artists show how humans, as part of nature, are still longing for tangible and real experiences when it comes to fully grasping nature and everything surrounding it. As a discipline, sensory studies involve approaching culture to comprehend the application of the senses. This study seeks to expand the boundaries that have been determined by the study of psychology regarding sensory perception by means of inquiry in a range of other disciplines such as humanities, natural and social sciences. “The various sensations within Kanoko Takaya’s body of work, in some respects, are quite sensitive to particular cultural contexts. Kanoko based her work on the general concept of primitive emotions: the desires and feelings that arise due to humans’ origins before experiencing the culture.”