Te To Te at Okyaku Kochi

Solo Exhibition “Te To Te”
In Okyaku Kochi, Japan

Exhibition Date: 2023.06.03 -2023.06.18

This exhibition will focus on the latter “Inner Series”, featuring wood and stone sculptures produced in collaboration with local craftsmen. As well as works that can be called the artist’s signature, mixed clay and resin on canvas. Semi-stereoscopic two-dimensional works of media are lined up.

Kanoko’s works, which have soft, organic curvaceous beauty, are full of vitality with their visual rhythms and embody the artist’s quest for a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. And its multi-view feature gives the viewer a unique observation experience.

In addition, prior to the opening of the exhibition, we will be exhibiting canvas paintings that were created during a two-week residency at the Sawada Mansion in Kochi, Japan. This is the first time in a while that the artist has been based overseas.

For Okyaku, this will be the first exhibition by invited artists from overseas. Kochi and Bali have similar feelings. It is a group of works that are very compatible with the space of Okyaku where time flows slowly in front of the natural scenery.

– – – Kanoko Takaya, the artist perspective – – – 

For the Balinese people who are warm all year round, surrounded by nature. Naturally show their cooperation and gratitude in their actions, even though I am unable to return to Japan for a while due to the corona wreck and cannot see my families and friends. Thanks for my Bali environment, I was able to concentrate on the production without worrying too much.

We tend to lose sight of how precious things that are in our daily lives are. Driven by something fundamental, I worked hard on the production to appreciate how precious and grateful the time, enviroment, and phenomena that flow naturally around us are.

I think everyone has something important to do.

Listen to your inner voice, accept yourself as you are, and act according to your intuition. 

Feel it. I would be happy if I could talk with you abouth my work, or rather through the work.

この度、OKYAKUではアーティスト・Kanoko Takayaによる、四国初、2014年以来の日本での個展を開催致します。

2014年にインドネシアに移住。ジャワ島の伝統文化、特にお面作りなどを学び、現在はバリ島に居を移し作品制作に勤しむ。バリ島在住の日本人アーティストとして、現地の文化・風土を模写する「インドネシア シリーズ」と、作家本人が本能的に自然界から、また日々接するモノコトからインスピレーションを得て、様々な素材・技法を用いて表現する「インナー シリーズ」、その2つの継続的なテーマを軸に活動する。





– – – 以下、作家コメント – – –