Selayang Pandang, Sekali Pegang.

Kanoko Takaya & Sharon Angelia
Titik Dua, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
18 December 2020 – 18 January 2021

Primal, central, and indispensable to our sense of sanity as being a human, touch is the first sense that we develop as humans. Kanoko Takaya (mixed-media artist) and Sharon Angelia (photographer) explore what surrounds them through a sense of touch in this exhibition: Pegang – Pegang: Selayang Pandang, Sekali Pegang. Pegang Pegang is a way to approach and grasp the reality in Bali; porters in pasar, Bapak-bapak sipping coffee at the corner of a gang, and youngsters spending the days on the beach. Through Pegang Pegang, there’s a mutual response from the people they talked to and captured in photos. Between the two of them, there’s a sense of touch that they share with each other. By capturing the people, Sharon gripped the people that Kanoko sees. By adding embellishment and creating tactile objects, Kanoko gripped what the eyes could only see through Sharon’s. Through mimicking and creating a world where everything is tangible and touchable, Pegang – Pegang is an exhibition where everybody could share their response and react back to each other for once.

*Pasar = market
*Bapak – bapak = a group of middle-aged men
*Gang = alley